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The Oregon DryTech patented Hydro•Dri™ gentle heat transfer drying method has many benefits over conventional drying methodologies, such as spray, freeze and drum drying. Our proprietary gentle evaporative heat transfer process preserves product quality, provides excellent throughput and maintains an energy efficient footprint. 

Product Quality

Heat degrades product quality, color, flavor, and nutritional compounds. Traditional spray dryers utilize high heat and sometimes a super high flash heat to dry products zapping them of nutritional quality, color, and flavor. The Oregon Drytech Hydro•Dri utilizes our state-of-the-art certified organic drying methodology which uses heat transfer technology  to gently remove moisture from the wet material at temperatures ranging typically between 30˚C to 90˚C ensuring that products will maintain their nutritional integrity, original color, and flavor.

Drying Costs

Another common drying methodology utilizes freeze dryers​. Freeze dryers are notoriously expensive to utilize both from a product throughput and energy efficiency perspective. The Hydro•Dri has a much higher throughput than most freeze dryers, and operates far more energy efficient meaning that drying costs on the Hydro•Dri are typically 1/3 the cost of drying on a freeze dryer. 

Product Examples

Our customers dry food products such as vegetables, fruits, soups, and other food items. We also have customers that dry ingredients for nutritional supplements such as blue-green algae, aloe vera, mushrooms, and even biopharma ingredients.

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If you care about product quality, drying costs, and overall energy efficiency, the Hydro•Dri™ dryer is the right product for you. Oregon Drytech is the world leader in commercial gentle dry dryers. Contact us regarding your drying needs.